Here’s great news about the future of the Jones Creek Clubhouse

Jones Creek Clubhouse LLC has purchased the nearly 35-year-old Jones Creek Clubhouse and will over the next year invest further to repair, restore, and preserve this historic facility.

The Jones Creek Clubhouse is home to many wonderful memories and stories for generations of Jones Creek members, residents, and guests. Our group is committed to ensuring its return as a welcoming destination to create lifelong memories for new generations to come.

Our new ownership group is mindful of the sad journey the golf course has taken the past five years since it closed in September 2018 and fell into disrepair. We’ve heard the concerns from the neighbors who want to keep open the possibility that the shuttered golf course can also be re-opened one day. There have been many recent proposals and ideas floated for the golf course’s future, but no one has stepped forward with the capital to turn those ideas into reality. We would like nothing more than to see the abandoned course once again host families and fans to its tees, fairways, and greens. If and when that day comes, we will be ready to welcome it with open arms.

We are delighted to see the recent re-opening of the driving range and hope that sparks additional investment in these cherished rolling hills of Jones Creek.

We value the game of golf, and we very much appreciate the Jones Creek Clubhouse. When we were approached to purchase the Clubhouse without the assurance of knowing what the future of the course might be, we embraced the chance to save this building.

The Clubhouse needs a lot of work, and we are committed to not only saving the facility from further deterioration but to make it once again a valued destination.

Currently, architects and engineers are in the process of evaluating the structure to address the necessary repairs and renovations in accordance with its intended uses to restore function.

We look forward to working with the Jones Creek community and to help provide their continued access to the neighborhood’s pool and tennis courts and their use of our parking lot so that residents and families can enjoy their amenities.

“We are excited about the future of Jones Creek and look forward to being a valued neighbor as we undertake the challenge of restoring and renewing the Clubhouse. We will welcome the community to the restored building once we complete our renovations.”

– Entrepreneur Robbi Raitt, managing partner of Jones Creek Clubhouse LLC, with 40 years of experience in the hospitality industry, including event and travel management, operating an organic farm, a country club, retail business, hotels, and restaurants

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